A sharp focus on the New York townhouse market has led to high quality investment and development projects in the country’s most active townhouse market.

With a value-added investment strategy and an eye toward high-end design concepts, Omek Capital is a highly focused real estate investment firm with a remarkable record of success in the urban residential market. Since its founding just a few short years ago, Omek has honed the ability to research, identify and close multiple deals in a matter of days.

To do that, Omek has developed a network of highly experienced in-house professionals, in association with real estate attorneys, architects, interior designers, engineers, city expediters, general contractors, brokers and lending institutions. Together, they have become adept in quickly seizing opportunities in the New York market.

Omek Capital was founded in 2009 by Charles Hartman and Avi Feldman to specialize in the investment analysis, purchase, rehabilitation, sale and/or rental of townhouses in the NYC metro area.




Too large an investment for the small investor (requiring an all-cash commitment towards the purchase and renovation for a holding period of at least one year), and too small for the larger players in the real estate market, townhouses are a unique opportunity in a less competitive setting.


What’s more, the townhouse inventory is in short supply in New York, and so creates high demand — and higher than standard profit margins — from end-users.


Omek has seized this opportunity, overseeing several development sites at once under watchful management, leveraging the experience of their principals and associates to handle complex multitasking.